Free game access to early players 🤑

Get free access to games with real cash rewards

Hey there

We’ve got some exciting news for you (and hopefully for your friends). We’re giving away at least £2,000 worth of game access to our early players, totally FREE 🤑

Players who join up early to play in The Gradient Games will get FREE game credits that can be used to play games* with real cash rewards.

  • The first 50 players will get £20 worth of credits

  • the next 50 will get £10 worth and

  • the next 100 will get £5 worth.

That’s £2,000 worth of giveaways and we’re working on securing more.

If you’re getting this email, rest assured you’ll be one of the first to hear about the app sign-up going live. But there’s still spots available, so please go tell yer pals (!) so that they can benefit from this offer, too.

They can learn more by hitting the button below and joining the team. Spots are limited and I’d love for your friends to get them.

Next week, I’ll be announcing a slight tweak to the game plan that I shared in the last post. We’re removing a bit of the risk and handing over more control to the players - stay tuned for more on that.

Until then, keep riding and hopefully see you on the road 🫡 


*games will cost between 2-5 credits to play and 1 credit is worth £1.