🚓 Rules of the games, part 1

Earning points...

Hey ,

All games need rules, and The Gradient Games is no exception. These rules serve to keep the games fair and represent the honour, integrity and spirit of our players.

But first, a quick update on The Prologue test programme. I’m about 90% ready to kick things off, so thank you for your patience. As I’m fitting this around a full time job, the time I get to spend on it is limited, but we are getting there and I hope you like the results when they come 😌 

Rule 1

Points are only earned from activities completed while a game is in progress.

Rule 1

By “completed”, we mean all aspects of the ride. You must start your ride, stop your ride, and upload the activity to Strava, all while the game is in progress. So, this means no storing up a whole load of rides during previous weeks, and uploading them all during a single game, to artificially increase your points haul.

Rule 2

Points are only earned from activities completed while you are a participant in a game.

Rule 2

This rule exists to discourage players from delaying the joining of a game, waiting first to see if they’ve had a “good week” or not. This would go against our mission, to provide motivation to ride via commitment to a game.

Rule 3

Activities must only be submitted once.

Rule 3

So, no duplicating your gpx file, renaming it and submitting it multiple times! Note that if you are playing in multiple games at one time, the activities you upload (that comply with the above rules, of course) will earn points in all of those games 🚀

3 strikes, and you’re out

⚾️ We will operate a 3 strike policy on the rules. Each time you receive a strike (for breaking one of the rules), you will be removed from that game. After 3 strikes, you will be removed from the platform and not able to play again.

That was a little more serious than previous posts, but important to talk about. Thanks for reading, these are just some of the rules that will be in place to keep the games running smoothly. Stand by for more, coming soon.