What can I win in the Gradient Games?

A look at what entering and winning a game looks like

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In my last post, I talked about how to calculate your odds of being drawn as the winner in a game (if you missed it, you can check it out here).

This time, I’ll dive in to the cost to enter a game & how that turns into money you might win 🚀 

The Gradient Games operates on the “risk a little to gain a lot” mindset, but it’s not complete luck - as you saw last time - you have control over your odds!

Here’s the basic model. Each player uses four game credit (worth £1 each) to join a game. For every player that joins, £4 is added to the game’s total. 80% of that total goes right back into the hands of the game winners in the form of a cash prize and game credit refunds, and 20% is used to cover costs of running the games, improving the platform and donating to good causes, including World Bicycle Relief and Trees for Life 🌳

The winning formula

Let’s look at a simple example, with 1,000 players.

With 1,000 players, a total of £4,000 is contributed in entry credits. You all ride, earning as many points as possible during the game. 20% (£800) is used to cover transaction fees, platform improvements and donations to good causes, and the remaining £3,200 is distributed back to the game winners.

Of the £3,200:

  • One “prize winner” will get 50% of it (£1,600) in cash, and

  • The top 40% of points scorers (400 people) will get their entry fee back (£4), to use on another game

As outlined in the previous post, the prize winner is drawn at random, but their odds of getting drawn go up as they earn more points. So it pays to be active 😉

As you can see, the main prize grows as more players join, so please do go and invite your friends by sharing this post and getting them to hit the button below to join and increase that prize pot!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this reward distribution model. Does it feel fair? Let me know by sending me a message at [email protected], I’d appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be sending some more information out soon about the testing programme, and some hints and tips around how to add points when playing The Gradient Games.